The Dirty Little Secret About Tablets!


I need to get this out there…  I have wasted hours upon hours on tablets. I own a Blackberry Playbook and two Kindle Fires that I have already reviewed on this site. I have tried to replace my computer a dozen times by finding ways to become productive on a tablet.  Life would be so much easier if you could be productive on a tablet for several reasons:

1.  Tablets are light weight-  Even with today’s smaller laptops, it’s still much easier to grab the tablet on your way out of the door.

2.  Battery Life-  Typically tablets will out last most low to mid-range laptops in regards to battery life.

3.  Cool Factor-  Having a tablet automatically turns peoples heads.  If you want to be “in”, just bring a tablet into public.  You will automatically look professional.

The dirty little secret about Tablets is this:  You will NOT be very productive on them.  Stop wasting your time, energy, and patience typing out blog entries, spreadsheets, or presentations.  You will wind up pulling your hair out and possibly shattering your lovely tablet!  The biggest issue I found was the lack of a physical keyboard.  I understand you can buy keyboards for tablets, but what’s the point?  That’s why they have laptops!

Tablets should be used for keeping up with Social Media, E-mail, or watching video’s. Games, music, magazines, and books are also a nice experience.  But do not, and I repeat, do NOT purchase an $800.00 tablet with the vision that you will be more productive.  It will not happen, I guarantee you!  If you drop that much cash on a tablet with these visions of productivity, you will be deeply disappointed.  Tablets, to this date, are not tools; they are toys!

If you want something to keep you productive on the go, check out the Samsung Chromebook.  It has the same portability and battery life as a tablet, but it gives you more options for being productive on the go.  Stay tuned for my upcoming review of the  Samsung Chromebook!

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2 thoughts on “The Dirty Little Secret About Tablets!

  1. Well I and many people I know use their tablets for these things. Get a quality tablet and some knowledge and say goodbye to the laptop. Every program, the ability to print and do anything a laptop can do is readily available. Asus, Nook and Nexus are great for this.My tablet has increased my productivity in my business and personal life without a doubt.

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